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What you can expect from the TimTam Overlanding Blog

Welcome to the
TimTam Overlanding Blog

Firstly, who are TimTam Overlanding?

Tim and Tam or TimTam is a husband and wife team of passionate overland travellers. We’ve overland travelled to numerous countries in Southern Africa including Zambia, Tanzania and Botswana to name a few. We have extensive experience and knowledge in setting up and planning a trip to multiple destinations across Southern Africa.

We love to travel and ultimately wish to share our experiences, knowledge, tips and tricks with you in order to make your travel experience in Southern Africa smoother and more enjoyable.

So then what can you expect from the TimTam Overlanding blog?

We’d like to use this platform to share the following with you:

  • Photography
    • Tim is an avid photographer and with a portfolio of incredible images as well as photographic training experience, Tim would love to share his imagery with you in the hopes that it will inspire you to capture those moments you want on your trip.
  • Travel
    • With extensive Southern Africa overland experience, Tim and Tam will share stories and experiences from some of the wildest places in Southern Africa, placed like Katavi, Ruaha, Moremi, Savute, Etosha and many more.
  • Tips
    • Travelling through the unknown can be daunting and downright scary at times, but we hope we can share some tips with you to make your travel experience better, more enjoyable and safer. Ultimately improving your travel experience.
  • Overlanding
    • Here we’ll discuss vehicle choice, accommodation choice and anything overland related. However, this will be help you decide on how you want to get yourself ready for overland travel.
  • Routes and Roads
    • A look at the routes we take when getting to wild places and the reasons why.
  • Campsite and Accommodation Reviews
    • A look at where we have stayed, what to expect and look out for and where possible, a suggestion on Campsite.
  • Vehicle Setups
    • A look at what we think is important on an overlanding vehicle. Our opinions on the do’s and don’ts of overlanding vehicles.
  • Trip Reports
    • A look at our recent trips. What we saw, where we went and how it went.

These are some of topics we’d like to discuss on our blog, but if you have anymore you’d like us to add. Let us know in the comments below.

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