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Explore Southern Africa

Africa is such an incredibly beautiful place, and with so much to explore and see, it only makes sense to explore Africa by road.

As such, fully equipped self-drive camping safaris have become a popular way of exploring Southern Africa in your own time, focusing on what you want and at relatively low costs.

A self-drive camping trip requires a good deal of planning and preparation. The roads in Southern Africa can be quite challenging, as many are sand or dirt tracks therefore you can expect slower driving conditions. You will often be driving through remote areas, thick sand or deep water so it is important to always carry extra drinking water, fuel and spare wheels.

Campsites within the game reserves and national parks are not fenced (other than in South Africa) so campers must take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure their safety.

Some general camping rules to keep in mind:

  • Camp in designated campsites only.
  • Always sleep in your tent, roof tent or vehicle.
  • Make sure your tent zips up well.
  • Don’t sleep with legs or arms protruding from the tent.
  • Use rubbish bins at the campsites; if there are none, carry away all rubbish until you get to the next town or the next available rubbish collection site.
  • Cigarette butts should be well extinguished and placed in a rubbish bags/bins, never thrown and left on the ground.
  • Make sure the campfire is extinguished at the end of the evening, or after use.
  • Don’t sleep on bridges or animal paths, particularly those of elephants and hippos.
  • Bury all fecal matter and burn all toilet paper when necessary.
  • Don’t bathe or drink from still bodies of water; there is the danger of bilharzia and other diseases.
  • In many areas, it is inadvisable to swim in bodies of water as there is the danger of crocodiles and/or hippos.
  • Children must be constantly supervised. Never leave them alone at the campsite. Never allow children to nap on the ground or in the open.
  • Don’t stray far from the campsite, or walk in the bush, unless with a qualified guide.

If you would like assistance booking your overlanding safari, then book a consultation session with Tim and Tamsyn of TimTam Overlanding.

Let us assist you with booking and planning your perfect overlanding getaway.

Find your perfect adventure. Escape and travel off the beaten track to remote and wild locations across Southern Africa.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is definition of OVERLANDING?

    Overlanding or 4WD Touring is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Often vehicle based, on and off-road.

    Do you need a 4x4 (4wd) vehicle?

    No, you don’t necessarily need a 4×4. However, should you require a 4×4 we will let you know. Some of our tours require a 4×4, but not all.

    How do our trips work?

    Our trips are self-drive, with the option of guided self-drive safaris. You will need either your own vehicle or a rental vehicle sufficient for the requirements of the trip you’re booking. You’ll need your own camping gear, water, food (unless meals are provided), and comforts to make you happy for the duration of your trip. By request, your trip is lead by a overlanding guide.

    Do we offer vehicle hire?

    No, unfortunately we do not offer vehicle hire.

    Do I need overloading or 4x4 experience?

    Not necessarily. However, should we believe a trip may be too rugged for a beginner, we may suggest changes to your trip.

    Our trips are geared toward the beginner to intermediate overlander.

    Who is responsible when a vehicle breaks down?

    Your vehicle is your responsibility, therefore you are responsible for all travel insurance and maintenance requirements for your vehicle. Should a vehicle breakdown, the group will try to assist, however, should a repair not be possible, you will be responsible for making alternative plans to get your vehicle oyt.

    Do we prefer convoy travel?

    Yes, we do prefer driving in convoys from location to location. Once at a location, however, you’re welcome to drive on your own.

    What are our accommodation options?

    This is really dependent on your itinerary. However, for the most part, we’re geared more toward the camping overlander. Some sites may have public ablutions and running water, but this is not guaranteed.