Cancellation and Refund Policy

Your booking and purchase do not automatically guarantee a reservation. Once a booking is confirmed, you will receive an email within three to five business days confirming your trip. The cancellation fee policy comes into effect once you submit your booking or reservation with us.

If your booking or reservation cannot be confirmed for any reason, we will fully refund your purchase, within reason, without any additional charges. Please kindly read and review our cancellation policy. Please consider purchasing travel insurance.

What we will refund:

  • Some of our itineraries require a minimum number of passengers in order to operate. The affected traveller will be fully refunded should this rare circumstance occur.
  • Should a traveller choose to rather substitute this for another itinerary, then the difference in cost will be charged to the travellers account.
  • Any other refunds in which extenuating circumstances will depend on individual circumstances.

What we will not refund:

  • All accommodations and itineraries are arranged ahead of time. Any passenger that fails to appear on the day of departure will not be refunded any amount.
  • No refund will be given for any portions of an itinerary that is unused by the traveller after the tour has departed regardless of circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policies are listed below and apply to all reservations unless otherwise stated upon booking your itinerary. Please read your itinerary carefully prior to completing your booking. We will adhere to individual tour policies when applicable.


  • All activities are weather dependent, where possible we will make alternative arrangements, however, should this not be possible, no refund will be provided.
  • Some activities require the third-party service providers, we will not be held responsible for any change or cancellation of activities due to changes or cancellations initiated by these third-party service providers.

Refund Policy

All cancellations made within:

  • 30 days prior to departure – Will be Non-refundable
  • 30-45 Days Prior to Departure Date – 25% of the total purchase amount can be refunded
  • 45-75 Days Prior to Departure Date – 50% of the total purchase amount can be refunded
  • 75 or more Days Prior to Departure Date -100% of the total purchase amount can be refunded

Please note that cancellation fees are calculated based on the date we receive your Cancellation Request and the intinerary service start date.
All cancellations must be made directly with us via email at [email protected].

How to Cancel an Itinerary
We will process your cancellation request within one to seven business days. We will NOT acknowledge any verbal/over-the-phone requests or voice messages for cancellations.

A verbal exchange with us without written confirmation of your cancellation will not guarantee that your cancellation has been acknowledged.

Cancellations are only accepted in writing via email.
When cancelling your booking, please explain why you are requesting a cancellation via email to [email protected]

For any enquiries or questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Updated on 23 May 2023