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The MYTH of time, travelling in Southern Africa.

Time... That often misunderstood and under-estimated variable when overlanding. Having spoken to and watched a couple YouTube videos from some pretty well known overlanding content creators, something that has struck me is the under estimation of time. Time is an important variable and one that is seriously misunderstood when planning...

What does it take to plan an overlanding?

Overlanding has become a popular way for adventurers to explore the outdoors in their own or hired vehicles. It offers a unique experience of being self-sufficient and self-contained in your travels, giving you the freedom to roam wherever your heart desires. However, a successful overland trip requires proper planning and...


"What is overlanding, anyway?" It's a surprisingly common question these days. Overlanding is a way to explore the outdoors. During the past few years, though, vehicle-based exploration has boomed and developed a strong support group and following by off-the-grid enthusiasts. So Then, What Is Overlanding? Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel...